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Level Two

Approximate Grade Levels 4-6


Class time will consist of age-appropriate exercises and active games.  All ages will be together for PE.     


Learn about the workings of the world around you in this fun and exciting science lab! Using David Macaulay’s “The Way Things Work Now” as a spine, this class will learn the basics of simple machines to much more complicated ones. We can’t really learn about levers without lifting something heavy, or see how mechanical advantage works in a pulley without actually using a 4:1 or similar device, so be prepared to get involved. Students will also construct machines from K’nex in class to model machines on a smaller scale. 


Students will complete scheduled readings and written work at home, then orally review the week's lesson together.  Class time will primarily be used for fun hands-on activities designed to give kids a taste of life in the Middle Ages.  Don't just read about history - experience it!  


All students will be together for Enrichment classes.  Students may choose from one of the following: 

first semester

Students will experience the styles and techniques of the great masters, from the Renaissance to the Present. A brief biography of each artist is included with a fully illustrated, child-tested art activity, featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, architecture, and more. Includes such greats as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, Matisse, Pollock, and O'Keeffe.This class is ideal for grades K-6, and is open to all students

Students will engage in guided practice in the five foundational skills of drawing. They will explore wide-ranging subject matter—still life, landscape, imaginative drawing, portraits, and the figure—and gain experience with various mediums, such as pen and ink, charcoal, and Conte crayon, as they master the art of drawing. After each week's technique lesson, students will use class time to work independently on a structured assignment.  This will be a quiet time to focus and work on honing of skills. This class is ideal for grades 7 and up.

This class is exactly what it sounds like!  Students will be teamed up, given a box of junk, and then cut loose to work on that week's challenge.  Scores will be compiled throughout the semester, and winners will be announced at the end.  This class is ideal for all grade levels. Students must be prepared to work cooperatively with all ages and skill levels.

second semester

Learn the basics of overnighting!  Bear bags, wilderness showers, telling the temperature by counting the cricket chirps, gathering gear, building a shelter, cooking dinner under the stars... it's all here. Students will also learn basic first aid and wilderness survival. This will be a fun, active, outdoor class ideal for all grade levels.

Additional Enrichment choices for 2nd semester are TBD.
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