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Mission:  The mission of REACH is to develop a cohesive and cooperative community of homeschool families that meets together weekly for educational and recreational activities.  Moms volunteer to use their interests and talents to lead or mentor in age-appropriate classes that include fine arts, science topics, outdoor skills, physical education, language arts, history, and recreation.  Our classes change yearly to reflect the needs of the families involved.


Inclusion Policy:  REACH welcomes all who desire to instill a love of learning within the family setting.  

Family Commitment:  Moms of each participating family are required to serve while at REACH.  Each mom will be assigned by the leadership team to teach a class, to assist in classes, or to provide another leadership role as needed. Moms are expected to be fully engaged with the children under their supervision.

Location:  REACH will meet at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall, utilizing the outdoor resources and the Harry Myers Community building. 


When: Wednesdays from 9:00-3:30


"CHILDREN ARE BORN PERSONS"     ~Charlotte Mason

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