9th - 12th


This class will fulfill a student's required PE/Personal Fitness and Health credit for high school.  Students will learn the basics of personal fitness including things such as how to have a healthy diet and how to create and follow a personal fitness plan.  Some of each week's class time will be devoted to physical activities like running, working out, and playing active games.  There may be homework for this class.


"The Lost Tools of Writing" is an introductory course in classical composition featuring instruction in the five canons of classical rhetoric. Students will develop communication skills as they learn to compose a finely-crafted persuasive essay.  Students will need a relatively solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure and at least a rudimentary amount of writing experience - and, most importantly, they must be ready to think for themselves. 

"The Rhetoric Companion" is a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the art of argumentation with an emphasis on public speaking.  These challenging lessons will be used to supplement instruction from "The Lost Tools of Writing" and will allow the students to earn a high school "speech" credit.

Students will enjoy this year-long journey through the J.R.R. Tolkien classics in the "Lord of the Rings" series.  Writing skills will be practiced through written narrations of each week's reading.  Class time will be utilized for group discussion and literary analysis.

A few minutes of each day's class time will be devoted to working through this book in a group setting.  Students will learn to recognize fallacious reasoning in a fun and interactive way.  


All ages will eat lunch together in the Harry Myers building.  After eating, kids are free to play outside at the playground or just hang out and relax until time for the next class. 

BIOLOGY  10th-12th

General Biology combines up-to-date science with a Christian worldview and the educational philosophy for which Novare is known. The book starts at the atomic level and progresses to ever larger scales: cells, genes, microorganisms, plants, animals, and human organ systems. The final chapters survey ecology and the theory of evolution. 

Mastery-based learning methods are an essential part of this book, propelling students not only to learn but to substantially retain the content for years after completing the course. This class is intended for students in grades 10-12, though 9th graders may opt to take this class. 


All ages will be together for Enrichment classes.  Students may choose between the following classes:

semester one

Students will spend the semester preparing to perform a short play for friends and parents.  The class will be student-led with appropriate adult guidance and supervision. Students will be responsible for choosing a play, blocking, costuming, prop and set constructing, and everything else required for the performance.

Students will learn the basics of playing ukulele through use of the "Right Brain Music Method."  In addition, students will engage in picture study using the Charlotte Mason method.  Poetry exploration will also be a component of this class.  

semester two


Aquatic Science takes students through the wonderful world of water, from headwaters to oceans, and molecules to ecosystems.  Harry Myers Park provides the opportunity to study multiple bodies of water with three unique ponds and a creek, affording students the chance to get hands-on water observation in addition to classroom discussions and projects.  Aquatic science will touch on environmental science, chemistry, and biology.  Curriculum is available free online or through textbook purchase.